- Vision

To be the leading reliable partner in the region providing petroleum, chemical and logistics transportation services with the best value for customers.

- Mission

Our customers' goods are transported absolutely safely on schedule, preserved with respect and responsibility; take care of employees' lives; ensure shareholders' interests; contribute to society.

Customer-oriented : Listening, understanding and communicating with customers and suppliers, providing high-quality services at reasonable prices to satisfy customers; help customers solve their problems.

Safety : Ensuring the management and operation of the fleet is absolutely safe and environmental protection.

Sense of responsibility ; organization - discipline: Each person is assigned rights and responsibilities in accordance with functions and tasks; compliance with system regulations; always act first for the benefit of the company and customers.

Professionalism : Proficient at work, dynamic, creative and effective.

Respect : Respect and listen to colleagues, customers, partners, respect for differences, contributions, etc.

Personality : Confident, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility.

- Oriented development

- Maximize the advantage of being the transport unit of PVTrans Corporation and the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group, focusing on the domestic market, focusing on the core business of transportation. Oil and Gas; LPG, CNG, LNG transportation; passenger transport by road; trading solid, liquid and gaseous fuels; Marine agency services.

- Ensure efficient business, preserve and develop capital. Ensure maximum interests of shareholders, benefits, good working conditions for employees and make positive contributions to the community and society.

- Invest in, develop and operate the fleet in forms such as purchase, new construction, term charter in order to rejuvenate the fleet... on the basis of suitability with market conditions, customer needs, and capabilities financial performance of the Company, ensure the efficiency of investment and production and business, and comply with relevant regulations of the State.

- Train staff and crew in line with the investment roadmap for fleet development, especially focusing on intensive training in expertise, knowledge, foreign languages, ... in order to meet service requirements. domestically and internationally.

- Improving the competitiveness of services, ensuring the provision of quality services at competitive prices in the domestic and international markets.

- Continually consolidating other types of services with strengths and experiences such as Gas transportation; Transporting passengers by road; trading solid, liquid fuel, gas, shipping agent service...

- Expand cooperation - joint venture - association between domestic and foreign partners on a healthy business method, promoting and supporting each other for mutual development.